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Carpigiani Pastomaster 60 HE: The Ultimate Gelato and Ice Cream Machine

Introducing the Carpigiani Pastomaster 60 HE, a marvel of pasteurization technology that's set to revolutionize your frozen dessert production. This innovative machine allows you to create your own mixtures, giving you complete control over the quality of your gelato or ice cream.

The Pastomaster 60 HE stands out for its high performance. It mixes and pasteurizes ingredients inside an exchange pump cup located at the tank bottom. This unique, patented Carpigiani technology guarantees high micronization, resulting in a creamier and smoother end product.

But it's not just about performance. The Pastomaster 60 HE is also designed for efficiency. It can work with small mixture batches without the risk of burning the mix, and its dry bain-marie system prevents product buildup.

The machine is equipped with Carpigiani's HIGH EFFICIENCY technology, which includes high-performance condensers that provide maximum efficiency during the pasteurization process. This results in significant savings in water consumption, up to 30% compared to RTX pasteurizers.

Safety and convenience are also at the forefront of the Pastomaster 60 HE's design. You can monitor the machine via the internet, PC, tablet, and smartphone. The beater stops moving if the lid is lifted when the mix is hotter than 122°F (50°C) to avoid splatter of boiling liquid.

Cleaning is a breeze, with a stainless steel shower head located on the front of the machine. The stainless steel is treated with Scoth-Brite to resist stains and fat residues.

The Pastomaster 60 HE has a tank capacity of 63 quarts (60 liters), making it a perfect choice for any professional in the frozen dessert production industry. Experience the Carpigiani difference today with the Pastomaster 60 HE.

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