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Know-How + Trainning

How do you make gelato?

How do you open a gelato shop?

What equipment do you need?

With 22 years of experience, we have the complete know-how to answer all your questions!

With either one-on-one training or organized seminars, we will provide the information and training necessary so that your business is successful. We will teach you how to use and maintain the equipment. Our research experts will explore the market and location of your business and will adapt recipes and flavors accordingly.

Our classes feature the following subjects:

  • History of gelato

  • What is gelato?

  • Difference between gelato and industrial ice-cream

  • Market research

  • Raw materials

  • Product cost

  • The production cycle

  • Cream and Fruit base gelato

  • Equipment training

  • Shop displays

  • The gelato entrepreneur

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